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How we buy

02 of Apr, 2013

The buying process has changed over the last few years with the rise of the net and social media. Since working in advertising I’m now extremely analytical about my own buying process. Recently I bought a new road bike and kept a list of the steps I took. This is the way I buy things [...]

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Making wordpress themes in SASS

17 of Sep, 2012

Using SASS is great and provides lots of speed benefits for using preprocessors one thing is does do is removes comments by defaults when you compile a compress document. This is great for file size until you need to make a wordpress theme that requires CSS comments to work. Instead of using a CSS import [...]

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Setting up sublime text for a web designer

26 of Jul, 2012

I recall the first time I set up sublime, it was a tad confusing on how to make it awesome. So the second time of installing it I noted the steps to make it awesome. Setting up sublime text editor Go here: http://www.sublimetext.com/ Download and install it. Get Sublime Package manager to download the good [...]

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Responsive navigation with noscript fallback

29 of Apr, 2012

My initial mobile navigation solution left a lot to be desired. So it was back to the drawing board. I started to analyse how other solutions worked, and was looking everywhere for inspiration and a suitable solution.  About two days later I caught a tweet to this article by Brad Frost. One of the things I liked [...]

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Story of my 2012 redesign website

23 of Apr, 2012

I commenced designing the current version of this site in mid 2010, starting with the re-design of my personal branding.  It was around this time the expression “Responsive Web Design” (or #RWD on twitter) was becoming popular with bloggers and on twitter.  Unsure whether Responsive Web Design was  just another web trend or something I should [...]